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We're looking forward to your visit, Erin. Hello world: If you're publishing anything on the Internet, you should look at Known, a way to keep a record and control your content while publishing to a growing number of platforms.


Known co-founders on VUC

We talk about Known on our Friday tech conference

Location: The Internetz - see


VUC is a weekly conference that was started 8 years ago and has continued to attract guests in the breaking technologies. We have the best regulars and the best guests on all topics regarding Internet Protocol.


Dear Apple: I bought the hardware and the software

Don't tell me to sign in, I sign in when I need to, not before. So when you reboot and you go for a coffee or whatever, you come back to see that it hasn't yet logged in. You click "Skip" and it says "Seriously? YOu don't want us to track you the entire login session, only when you need to actually be logged in? Ok, it's your funeral."
Yes, I'm an inveterate complainer of Internet and computer things. How else will the clueless who design this shit know it isn't cool with everyone?

(note this post is also to test publishing from my own Known site.)


More wasted time: wifi reset

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Wifi off. Happens once every couple of weeks. Try turning radio off and on on phone and laptop, no good. Try turning radio on router off, on. No good. Reboot router. Takes a few minutes to reconnect and disrupts internet throughout the household. 


LTE also gets lost on all LTE phones here.  Reverts to H or H+. Carrier rescan takes a minute or two.




A Happy Customer is Worth Millions in Advertising & Social Media

A tale of two companies: One didn’t answer my emails sent to the contact@ email address they used on their web form and mailings. It took a month of complaining to their Twitter intern get a reply between cute photo posts. Even then, that boilerplate reply expressed zero concern, from a service company.

The second company also had a contact form. This was concerning a product with an international dealer network. Usual practice is that such an enquiry comes back with a “contact your local dealer” reply. When you buy on the Internet, the local dealer usually shows little interest in supporting you. (Also a huge mistake, as a minimal investment in support could lead to future business.) This second company broke with that common practice and answered my question quickly and directly.
The first company will never get my business or anyone else’s business via a recommendation from me. How is that constructive for them? The second company inspires me to mention their excellent service whenever I see a discussion.
Who wins?

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