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New Google Feature: Review Dinner at Friends and Neighbors Homes!

Announced April 1st, this is a brilliant attempt to stay relevant in 2015.


24 Hour Celebration of 8 Years of the VUC

1 min read

VUC Visions

This Thursday, April 2nd at 12 Noon Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), 12 Noon EDT, 1900 GMT, 8PM BST, 9PM CEDT we are celebrating the beginning of the 9th year of VUC, our weekly interactive conference and community. 8 years ago, they laughed when I said I wanted to create a weekly podcast about Asterisk, an advanced open source pbx project that shook the world.

I didn't let the fact that some didn't believe stop me from investing the time every Friday. The result is something I am very proud of. A large, friendly community, many of whose members have met at events worldwide. We talk about other things now, not just the one project, and we're known as a resource of knowledge of bleeding-edge IP communication technologies.

Should you feel like joining the celebration Thursday, just go to http://live.vuc.me where there is a player and an IRC client if you'd like to chat. This Thursday will be session with guests from around the world (hence the 24 hours). Peek in if you're awake!


Lost 30 minutes reprogramming the time in our old Oregon Scientific projection clock.
The display is broken but the projector still works with time and temperature. The clock no longer syncs (radio outdated or not working). Have to squeeze the chassis in order to dimly see the hour and minues to resset them for DST and the new batteries.


Experience Skype to the Max with Jim Courtney

It's vuc534, this week with "old timer" Jim Courtney (@jimcanuck)
Join us! http://vuc.Me


15 minutes to uninstall Teleport and buy and install Synergy. Synergy is less powerful, but it has one advantage: it works. Teleport stopped working. I should have known better than to allow the upgrade. I tried to go back but couldn't.
I've donated to Teleport, twice I think, so I don't mind paying.


30 minutes change battery in a health monitor device, including going to the store for a battery. I learned something, too. The difference between the 2025 and the 2032 (which I had). The last two digits are the thickness in mm, 25 and 32. I had the 32 which wouldn't fit in the watch type device.


30 minutes lost: OS X audio input just stopped working
Googling, trying the solutions
Kill coreaudio daemon
Log out and back in
Mess with Audio Midi setup
Run Audacity, finally something connected again

iMac OS X Yosemite


I Just Want to Make Love to You

Rough take of a tune I want to do.


Time Wasted After OS X updates

1 min read

The default input source keyboard is set to USA. 

System Preferences


Input SOurce


A few minutes dicking around after ever update on every machine, including signing in to iCloud.


30 minutes lost: Teleport has a new version. It tells me so, and I download and install it. Teleport then stops working. Over the past week I have uninstalled and re-installed several versions, done google searches etc and lost a lot of time before re-installing a 2013 version which now works. I have donated once at least, maybe more and I appreciate the effort people make for such projects. Glad it's working now, but the update lost a lot of time with no gain.

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