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Banshee Pennsylvania's Finest IT Team

Hoon Lee & Frankie Faison are the "hackers" behind the planned heist. First they had to get into the highly guarded server room.



Brilliant series, a black soap opera with everything, include great writing, great acting and direction. It's about music, it's about business, it's about growing up in the most dangerous slice of American society. Big risks, big gains.


No one smokes in my car

is the greatest! You want character? Every role in the series is painstakingly cast and written.


TADHack 2015 - Telecom Application Developer Hackathon

Telecom Application Developer Hackathon June 13-14th 2015


Preparing for rehearsal/recording Wednesday


TADHack 2015 Preview

Outlining the events of TADHack 2015

Location: Internetz



We will be talking to Alan Quayle about the plans for the TADHack events throughout the world.


Roasted Blueberry Risotto

Much better than I expected it to be!


Another view of the tunnel

More streets!


If I Needed Someone: Meeting the Beatles

The August when I met the Beatles on their American tour in 1965.



A Happy Customer is Worth Millions in Advertising & Social Media

A tale of two companies: One didn’t answer my emails sent to the contact@ email address they used on their web form and mailings. It took a month of complaining to their Twitter intern get a reply between cute photo posts. Even then, that boilerplate reply expressed zero concern, from a service company.

The second company also had a contact form. This was concerning a product with an international dealer network. Usual practice is that such an enquiry comes back with a “contact your local dealer” reply. When you buy on the Internet, the local dealer usually shows little interest in supporting you. (Also a huge mistake, as a minimal investment in support could lead to future business.) This second company broke with that common practice and answered my question quickly and directly.
The first company will never get my business or anyone else’s business via a recommendation from me. How is that constructive for them? The second company inspires me to mention their excellent service whenever I see a discussion.
Who wins?