I test things so you don't have to.




Brilliant, watch all three parts. Here's One and Two.


Google Play is not available for your device. Please contact the manufacturer

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Priceless! I didn't get a screen shot. This was on my Nexus 7.


Tech Wastes Time Series: SSL Certificate Renewal

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I went to renew the SSL certificate. Unfortunately, the Gandi.net payment gateway was not working properly, so it allowed me to order but not pay for the $16 renewal. I had to write a ticket, wait for an answer, which was "we're working on it", then wait for the "Ok, it's fixed" email. Then I had to go cancel the original order and start a new one. They definitely did fix it and the renewal is done. What should have taken 3 minutes took about 20. What's 20 minutes in a day? Not much, but if you own devices, run servers or do anything business-related online, that will not be the only 20 minutes you'll lose.


Test from Known

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Bordeaux M.U.R


More wasted time: wifi reset

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Wifi off. Happens once every couple of weeks. Try turning radio off and on on phone and laptop, no good. Try turning radio on router off, on. No good. Reboot router. Takes a few minutes to reconnect and disrupts internet throughout the household. 


LTE also gets lost on all LTE phones here.  Reverts to H or H+. Carrier rescan takes a minute or two.




Good thing I don't need a cab today!

Uber has made southwestern cabbies very angry.


Origins of Man

Recorded on my Yamaha wind synthesizer a few years ago.


Of an evening

A still life that captures a morning. The glass is not mine as mine would be empty!


Banshee Pennsylvania's Finest IT Team

Hoon Lee & Frankie Faison are the "hackers" behind the planned heist. First they had to get into the highly guarded server room.

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