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Experience Skype to the Max with Jim Courtney

It's vuc534, this week with "old timer" Jim Courtney (@jimcanuck)
Join us! http://vuc.Me


15 minutes to uninstall Teleport and buy and install Synergy. Synergy is less powerful, but it has one advantage: it works. Teleport stopped working. I should have known better than to allow the upgrade. I tried to go back but couldn't.
I've donated to Teleport, twice I think, so I don't mind paying.


30 minutes change battery in a health monitor device, including going to the store for a battery. I learned something, too. The difference between the 2025 and the 2032 (which I had). The last two digits are the thickness in mm, 25 and 32. I had the 32 which wouldn't fit in the watch type device.


30 minutes lost: OS X audio input just stopped working
Googling, trying the solutions
Kill coreaudio daemon
Log out and back in
Mess with Audio Midi setup
Run Audacity, finally something connected again

iMac OS X Yosemite


I Just Want to Make Love to You

Rough take of a tune I want to do.


Time Wasted After OS X updates

1 min read

The default input source keyboard is set to USA. 

System Preferences


Input SOurce


A few minutes dicking around after ever update on every machine, including signing in to iCloud.


30 minutes lost: Teleport has a new version. It tells me so, and I download and install it. Teleport then stops working. Over the past week I have uninstalled and re-installed several versions, done google searches etc and lost a lot of time before re-installing a 2013 version which now works. I have donated once at least, maybe more and I appreciate the effort people make for such projects. Glad it's working now, but the update lost a lot of time with no gain.


Replied to a post on erinjo.is :

We're looking forward to your visit, Erin. Hello world: If you're publishing anything on the Internet, you should look at Known, a way to keep a record and control your content while publishing to a growing number of platforms.


Terrible Restaurant Customers and the Revenge They So Justly Deserved

I love this site about food and restaurants


Known co-founders on VUC

We talk about Known on our Friday tech conference

Location: The Internetz - see http://live.vuc.me


VUC is a weekly conference that was started 8 years ago and has continued to attract guests in the breaking technologies. We have the best regulars and the best guests on all topics regarding Internet Protocol.

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