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I test things so you don't have to.


Accelerated Mobile Pages!

1 min read

News to me!

note from google


Bridging Things

Thought you might like to know that I have a stories site, a music site, there is a Wikipedia page. You can find some of my music on Soundcloud, on iTunes as well as on several streaming services. On this page (the one you're reading here) I test various technologies and find that most of them waste a lot of time!


Sleepless in Technology

1 min read

Too lazy to change the time zone on one of my devices. This bit me on the back last night. I woke up and looked at it to see the time. It was 11:45 AM. But because it's 9 hours ahead, I had to do the math, and that woke me up.


OnePlus One Microphone began to sound horrible on phone calls

1 min read

Wasted one day on fixing my microphone on my OnePlus One. Turns out it was the first thing I expected it to be: dust. Here's what I Posted to OPO Forum



I remember my first USB drive, it was 64MB - yes megabytes - and it cost over $80. Seemed huge compared to the Zip drive!


Sideloading mobile OS, why I stopped

2 min read

My first iPhone was an unlocked, jailbroken 3G, bought from Craig's List in the USA. It worked just fine until I accidentally updated the OS a year later. Then I found myself with a newly locked phone which was of no use in Europe. I messed around online and failed to revert to the proper baseband firmware. I took it to a shop nearby who said they'd unlock any phone for 25 euros. Came back the next day and they were not able to do it. So I went back online, and after something like a full day of searching, trying, searching, trying, I found a solution and softare that actually worked, once I spent the time in those reboot modes known only to the geeks who love to jailbreak.

Now that I've established my credentials as someone who is able to arrive at that goal, here is why I don't seek out these tasks on a regular basis. 

Life is too short to keep rebooting and loading, rebooting and loading hoping you won't brick the device.

I want the things I've bought to work. I don't need the newest latest features of an untried beta version and I don't want to brick a phone that I depend on for a lot of my personal info. 


Tech wasting time: the Fit app wasn't showing any minutes at all. After a lot of forum posting and tests, rebooting the phone finally worked. I hate to reboot the phone for silly stuff, but since I wasn't getting audio in phone calls, I had to. Yes, another tech glitch, the phone sometimes gets confused about bluetooth and handset audio. Let's call it 30 minutes in all, but it was much more.


New Google Feature: Review Dinner at Friends and Neighbors Homes!

Announced April 1st, this is a brilliant attempt to stay relevant in 2015.


24 Hour Celebration of 8 Years of the VUC

1 min read

VUC Visions

This Thursday, April 2nd at 12 Noon Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), 12 Noon EDT, 1900 GMT, 8PM BST, 9PM CEDT we are celebrating the beginning of the 9th year of VUC, our weekly interactive conference and community. 8 years ago, they laughed when I said I wanted to create a weekly podcast about Asterisk, an advanced open source pbx project that shook the world.

I didn't let the fact that some didn't believe stop me from investing the time every Friday. The result is something I am very proud of. A large, friendly community, many of whose members have met at events worldwide. We talk about other things now, not just the one project, and we're known as a resource of knowledge of bleeding-edge IP communication technologies.

Should you feel like joining the celebration Thursday, just go to where there is a player and an IRC client if you'd like to chat. This Thursday will be session #535 with guests from around the world (hence the 24 hours). Peek in if you're awake!


Lost 30 minutes reprogramming the time in our old Oregon Scientific projection clock.
The display is broken but the projector still works with time and temperature. The clock no longer syncs (radio outdated or not working). Have to squeeze the chassis in order to dimly see the hour and minues to resset them for DST and the new batteries.

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